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Kushal Agarwal
Director & Founder


Kushal is an educationalist and an entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience of providing training, coaching and  managing projects.

During his childhood, Kushal was a quiet kid in the class. But the confidence he gained from sports helped him to transform to be a better person academically,socially and emotionally.He started Monkey sports with the vision to empower children through sports.

Avinash Pandey
Training & Monitoring Officer

Avinash aka creative genius, is a multi talented guy with a keen interest in arts, music and sports.  His interest in Music helps him to change the tone of his voice which helps to manage children. His interest in arts provide him with ability to think creatively which is great asset while working with children. His love for sports  just adds to our core work to provide sports for development. The combination of all theses talent makes him a great coach. To top that , Avinash is also a very hard worker most of the time :).  He will work tirelessly day and night to finish any project. It is just in the beginning , it requires a hard kick to get the engine rolling.

Anisha Puja
School Sports Coach

Anisha Puja, the only girl coach at Monkey sports is inspiring for all of us. Anisha has a great work ethics , and has never missed work.  Her ethics is inherited from her training with National Cadet Corps. Surprising with her seriousness , Anisha is also a practical Joker.

Kaju Kumar
School Sports Coach

Kaju Kumar is the Iron man of Monkey Sports with a great mental and physical strength. Kaju was the captain of Kabaddi team in his college. While in school he scored a CGPA of 9.0 . He is a sincere , hardworking individual with a great attitude.  At Monkey sports, he has worn several hats that includes coaching, business development and an event planner.

Aditi Mahamirik
Marketing Consultant

Aditi Mahamirik with a marketing experience of over 8 years is the most practical person at Monkey sports. While other members are engaged in product creation , She is the bridge between the outside world and the world that exist within Monkey sports.