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Why Monkey Sports?

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One P.E. teacher called games period before Monkey Sports, "It was so hard to manage more than 50 students at once."

Importance of Play


 From the satisfaction of breaking a sweat to the surprise of imagination, play teaches us to be human. In fact, societies depend on our ability to “play well together”.



Through play, children discover the joy of the physical activity. They learn the social and emotional skills they will use in the classroom, in the workplace, and in life.

Issues with current Physical education classes

When you think of the game period, do you remember laughing, playing, and having fun? Or do you remember sitting on the sidelines, getting in fights, and waiting for the bell?


For many students, playtime is anything but playful.


  • Children who feel excluded or who do not know the rules play less with their peers. They have fewer opportunities for physical activity and social development.

  • Playground lessons are priceless, but kids need strategies for success. When play is too unsafe or when conflicts escalate, kids miss out on the fun—and learning opportunities.

  • Children play together outside school less than they once did. By learning games and having time to play at school, kids are able to explore creativity and leadership.

Role of Educator

Thankfully, educators have the power to shape play environments that bring out the best in kids.

Monkey Sports helps schools and youth organizations create a place on the playground for every child to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills. Learn about what we do.